San Giovanni Tower

The "Middle Tower", had an important defensive function. Today accessible with #PLAYALGHERO

The San Giovanni Tower, built in sandstone in the 16th century, was once as majestic as the neighbouring tower of Sulis, but was downsized for military reasons during the Savoy period, during the first half of the 18th century, while retaining the original characteristics of the Catalan-Aragonese style.


Despite the downsizing, the ensemble still looks imposing today and the tower retains all its old-world charm with a diameter of about 10 metres, a circumference of almost 60 metres and walls as thick as 4.30 metres.

The structure is covered by a vault supported by mighty ribs arranged in a radial pattern and sunk directly into the perimeter walls, at a height of about half of the total floor development.


The current ground floor now hosts the 'Digital Canvas' gaming experience developed within the framework of the European project MED GAIMS GAmifIcation for Memorable tourist experienceS.

Digital Canvas is part of #PLAYALGHERO, the system of ten physical and digital games created to enhance, promote and disseminate the cultural heritage of the city of Alghero through gamification applied to tourism and culture.


The game, particularly suitable for children but usable by people of all age groups, evokes a seascape populated by flora, fauna, and underwater archaeological artefacts actually found on the coast of Alghero and currently housed in the MŪSA Archaeological Museum of Alghero


Players choose, customise and interact with the various elements that make up the virtual 3D scenario in a game that crosses the boundary between physical and digital and transforms knowledge of Alghero's history into a playful and immersive experience.

Location: Largo San Francesco, 2

From Tuesday to Sunday

ALGHERO TICKET INCLUDES admission to the Tower and DIGITAL CANVAS gaming experience with #PLAYALGHERO

€ 3,00



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