MACOR - Coral Museum

Housed in an elegant art nouveau villa, MACOR recounts the intimate bond that unites Alghero to its territory

Visitors are plunged into a fascinating journey of discovery of Mediterranean Sea’s red gold:  coral, or Corallium Rubrum, is an identity symbol of the fortified city and is not only an apotropaic element, but also a source of wealth and economic support.


The collection safeguards precious and unique objects created by the skilled hands of artisans, as well as by the inventiveness of students from the Coral School of Alghero. Moreover, the biological and scientific aspects such as fishing methods are studied in depth.


The collection spans the fishing techniques from the oldest to the most modern, up to the present-day awareness-raising and sustainable fishery.


The rooms of the museum are also home to the exhibition featuring the Corallium Rubrum Association and Raffaele (Fefele) Foddai.

The first room showcases the works made by the art and craft shops granted the trademark. The brand was created in Alghero to certify and guarantee the uniqueness of the product.


The second room is dedicated to an eclectic coral-craftsman from Alghero who has enriched the Museum's collection with, an array of jewellery, objects, tools and audio-visual material.

Address: via XX Settembre 8 | Alghero


Monday 4.30pm - 7pm
Tuesday 10.30am - 1pm
Wednesday 4.30pm - 7pm
Thursday 10.30am - 1pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.30am - 1pm / 4.30pm - 7pm

ALGHERO TICKET INCLUDES admission to the museum


  • Full price ticket € 5,00
  • Reduced price ticket € 4,00 | Alghero’s community residents; young adults between 14 and 17 years old; students up until 26 years old in possession of their Student Card or the enrollment certificate for the current academic year; groups starting from 15 persons; #PLAYALGHERO players: those who are in possesion of Alghero Quest Box, CollezionAlghero (album stickers – paper version), Alghero Expert, SMYTH - The missing sketchbook
  • School groups € 2,00 | price per person – groups of minimun 15 people of schools of all levels
  • Free admission | people with a disability; caretakers of not self-sufficient people; children under 7 years old; teachers accompanying school groups; tour guides accompanying groups

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