Casa Gioiosa

Home to the institutional headquarters of the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park

Casa Gioiosa is home to the institutional headquarters of the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park, the Museums, and a Botanical Garden of exceptional natural interest.

The Park of the Little Prince

A multimedia itinerary to discover the habitats of the nature reserve and the Earth, experienced through the eyes of the characters in Antoine De Saint-Exupéry’s famous tale.

The "G. Tomasiello" Museum of Prison Memory

This avant-garde space housed in the cells of the former rural penitentiary of Tramariglio takes visitors on a fun, interactive journey into the daily lives and stories of the inmates.

Maestro Elio Pulli Permanent Exhibition

Sculptures and paintings by master painter and ceramist Elio Pulli inspired by the most moving pages of Antoine De Saint-Exupéry's story, and its translation into Sardinian "Su Printzipeddu Nostru", curated by author Luciano Goddi.

Telèia Immersive Multimedia Centre

A "virtual dive" into the underwater environment of the Capo Caccia Protected Marine Area - Isola Piana: fish, lobsters, coral and colourful seabed, for a unique sensory experience.

Botanical Garden

This ‘green classroom’ is home to plant species typical of the area's arboreal landscape and its teaching stations are also fully accessible to visually and physically impaired visitors.


"Miniere e Minerali-Mines and Minerals", a workshop for discovering Sardinia's mining history, and "Vita da Api –a Bee’s Life” sensory activities recounting the life of these tiny insects and the work of the beekeeper.

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Address: Tramariglio S.P. 55 n.44 | Alghero

Opening times:

Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm

December 24th and 31st open from 10 am to 1 pm | Closed on December 25th

Information and bookings: +39 079 942111 - +39 331 3400862 |

Park Offices: +39 079 945005


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