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Entry to Campanile di San Francesco | Via Carlo Alberto, 46

The bell tower of San Francesco, part of the historical site of the same name, dates back to 1632. The open space is dominated by the agile structure of the hexagonal bell tower in gothic-Catalan style. Erected in 1632, it is concluded by a serrated spire that, with its vertical development, gives a certain impetus to the severe architecture of the cloister. Built entirely of sandstone, its 64 steps lead through a trap door to the belfry, from where you can see the town and its coastline.

It is possible to visit the Belfry and climb up the Bell Tower in groups of no more than 5/6 people at a time.

Opening times: tuesday, friday, saturday from 9am to 12.30pm. EXCEPT ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS.

For groups it is important to book the day before so that the visit can be organised in the best possible way.
Prices: € 3.00 (for groups: one free ticket every 10 people)
Entry price with Alghero Ticket: € 2.50 per person
Contact: | +39 351 642 8081

Terrazza panoramica della Torre di Porta Terra

Discount on guided tour of the panoramic terrace of the Torre di Porta Terra | Piazza Porta Terra

The Torre di Porta Terra, originally known as the Portal Reial, was the main overland entrance to the city and was bolted at night after the drawbridge was raised. This practice was maintained until the eighteenth century, when it was replaced by an open door on the left side of the Montalbano Bastion, demolished in the late nineteenth century. The opening on the side facing Via Simon gives access to the upper floor and from here to the beautiful panoramic terrace overlooking the entire city. Today, following recent renovations, the lower floor is used as a Tourist Information Centre and the terrace is open to visitors. The guided tour of the terrace lasts about 10-15 minutes.

Opening times: daily from 10:00 a.m. to 13:00 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. (last admission)
Prices: € 3.00 adults | € 2.00 over 64s and from 14-17 year-olds | free under 14 years old
Entry price with Alghero Ticket: € 2.00 per person
Contact: | +39 079 973 4045

Acquarium Rubrum

Discount on tour of the Aquarium Rubrum | Torre San Giacomo

One of the few living Corallium Rubrum aquariums in Italy. A new museum exhibition, curated by La Corallina di Alghero in close collaboration with the Parco di Porto Conte and the Area Marina Protetta di Capo Caccia - Isola Piana, it offers an incredible new experience in environmental education. In the aquarium you can admire the majestic black coral plants, the elusive Occinebrina Paddeui, and the live Corallium Rubrum. The entry price includes a 50-minute bilingual (Italian and English) guided tour. A sensory and olfactory educational tour that tells about the habitat of Corallium rubrum and its life in the water.

Opening times:October: Monday to Sunday at 6:30 PM - November CLOSED.
Prices: € 5.00 adults | free for children up to 10 years old and for people in wheelchairs
Entry price with Alghero Ticket: € 3.00 per person
Contact: | +39 079 979 064

Teatro Civico di Alghero

Guided tour of the Civic Theatre | Piazza del Teatro, 7

Discover this historic building through an itinerary that weaves together interesting facts, historical notes, period images, events and artistic installations. Visitors will be led on a voyage of discovery through a unique, magical, and highly evocative setting.

Inaugurated in 1862 at the instigation of the Società degli Amatori e Dilettanti  and under the patronage of the Soprintendenza di Belle Arti, Alghero’s Civic Theatre is a cultural space created by the people for the people, an elegant building home to a sophisticated and structured stage production. Booking required.
Prices: € 4.00 per person
Entry price with Alghero Ticket: € 2.00 per person
Contact: | +39 344 04 63 652 | +39 333 85 78 630