Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju

Home to the largest prehistoric cemeteries in Sardinia

Discovered by chance in 1903 and explored in subsequent archaeological excavation campaigns until 1967, the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju is home to the largest prehistoric cemeteries in Sardinia.


Consisting of 38 tombs dug into a rocky sandstone ledge, the famous domus de janas (“domus' = house, “janas' = faeries or witches), this burial site was used by various populations from the Late Neolithic until the Early Bronze Age.


The architecture of these eternal abodes is often enriched with details inspired by the houses of the living such as steps, pillars, cornices, false architraves, false doors and false windows.


And it is precisely within these chambers that the deceased were buried with the objects that were useful and dear to them in life.


In some rooms, it is still possible to admire bas-reliefs and engravings, enigmatic symbols of propitiatory rites and typical elements of the religious beliefs of Neolithic and Eneolithic people in the Mediterranean area.

This mysterious and fascinating archaeological site of immense historical and cultural significance guides visitors to a place where the cult of the dead merges with the deep respect that ancient populations had towards Nature.


Some of the artifacts discovered during digs are housed at the MŪSA, the Archaeological Museum in Alghero.

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