Nuragic Village of Palmavera

The most significant monuments of ancient western mediterranean megalithic cultures

There are more than 8,000 nuraghi scattered throughout Sardinia, these constructions, which stand the test of time, are among the most significant monuments of ancient western Mediterranean megalithic cultures.


The village of Palmavera fits perfectly into this context, presenting itself as one of the most important and noteworthy sites that the Nuragic civilisation built in the island.

In a bay the Romans called "Port of the Nymphs", located at the foot of the homonymous mount, the Palmavera complex consists of two towers, constructed with large blocks of limestone and sandstone, placed at the centre of a pentagonal-shaped surrounding wall that encloses three tower-huts and the majestic Meetings Hut.

The village encircles the nuraghe and currently consists of about 50 huts whose remains are evidence of the memory of a past in which a greater number of homes made up this remarkable site.

Location: SS 127 bis km 45 | Fertilia, Alghero


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