Casa Manno Museum

Founded to honour one of the catalan city’s most illustrious sons, Giuseppe Manno

Giuseppe Manno's personality and authority act as a narrative thread, guiding visitors across the various sections of the museum.

Each room offers ideas for reflection or inspiring images that represent sights and sounds of a past time in which the Kingdom of Sardinia played a central role in the Nation-Building process in Italian history.

He is linked to various historical figures, who each played an important role in the historical and artistic panorama of that first half of 19th century, as the exhibition path highlights through the works of art and writings displayed in the different rooms.

Thanks to the acquisitions of the Siotto Foundation, the Casa Manno Museum features an exhibition which is a heritage of considerable value: paintings, engravings, sculptures, carvings, papers, books, manuscripts and costumes, all offering a unique and important testimony of Giuseppe Manno’s life.

His works provide a unique chance for today's audience to follow the thinking process behind the unification of Italy.

Multimedia supports contribute to a deeper understanding of the historical period in which he lived and worked, providing an insight into a period rich in transformations and central to building the nation of Italy as we know it today.

Alghero Ticket includes admission to the Cave and the guided tour.

Address: Via Santa Barbara, 23 | Alghero

Opening times:
Friday: 4 PM - 8 PM
Saturday: 4 PM - 8 PM
Sunday: 4 PM - 8 PM


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